MoMA PS1 (YAP) : Shelf Life

Laufs Engineering Design (LED) supported artist Jesse LeCavalier with structural specialty engineering for the 2018 PS1 MOMA young architects program. Jesse proposed an immersive pavilion made of logistic materials for the well-known Long Island City party courtyard. Even though most of us engage logistics in some way almost daily, rarely do we encounter its spaces, materials, or atmospheres in a direct way. Designed by LeCavalier R+D and the runner-up 1st Prize, SHELF LIFE is an inhabitable landscape that intervenes in the material systems of logistics to transform the PS1 courtyard into a place for fun, relaxation, and exploration. Presenting works that close this gap by transforming the elements of logistics into a lively and interactive design that completely fill the MoMA PS1 courtyard with more than 140 industrial pallet racks to support a myriad of community activities. American based designer and author Jesse LeCavalier‘s project supported with LED engineering is an assemblage of three repurposed types of elements: racks, tracks, and stacks. All visualization by Nightnurse Images      
MoMA PS1, Queens
Structural Engineering