Robert Adamski

Robert is an accountant and office manager with experience in financial reporting of large and small businesses. He comes from a background of public accounting in the real estate field, his choice to focus on this field grew out of previous experience as an urban planner in suburban Washington DC area. He has an MBA and a MS in Accounting from St. John’s University, NY and a BS in Urban Geography and Computer Science from University of Maryland.

A common thread throughout his career is the built environment and accounting. Now at LaufsED the focus is on business operations, financial reporting, modelling and projections. There he can utilize his knowledge of accounting and operations management as a tool to improve profitability.

In his free time, Robert is passionate about photography, music and the outdoors. With extensive time spent in the West and Intermountain West exploring deep in the backcountry, taking pictures, and listening to music while hiking in between.