Kamila Chudzik

Growing up in a small town in Poland, Kamila first developed an interest in engineering and design through her travels and the influence of art. In pursuit of her dreams she left Poland to attended Grove School of Engineering in New York City where she received her Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

While at Grove, Kamila continued to develop her understanding of the practical application of engineering by working at NY structural engineering firms. Based in LED’s New York office, Kamila helps with all stages of the design and engineering process. Her roles include designing engineering details, providing structural drawings, and calculation reports. She also has an interest in emerging key trends in architecture such as sustainability, green construction, and climate resilience.

When she is not at work, Kamila loves to explore new cultures and cuisines either through travel or by walking the neighborhoods of New York. She also enjoys reading, tennis, and has started to work on her drawing skills.

Anna Seidman

Since her childhood, Anna has always had a focus on architecture and technology. She attended Pratt Institute where she received her Bachelor of Architecture. She focused on parametric design and analysis, and visual storytelling. While at school, she worked at Pratt ITL designing and building 3D printers.

Working at LED New York, she helps at all stages of the design process. Her roles include identifying and solving technical issues, implementing parametric tools to save T&E, producing 3D models, and shop drawings. She finds it very rewarding seeing the culmination of a team’s efforts come to fruition.

In her leisure time, she enjoys exploring New York, visiting Chinatown, consuming all forms of media, and playing her cello.

Qian (Chen) Liu

Qian has been strongly aided by his lifetime passion of the arts, where he has been trained in all types of artistry; hand drawing, modeling, digital, 3D fabrication. He has been lucky enough to experienced a multitude of design philosophies from educations at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ecole Nationale Superieure d’architecture de Versailles, and The University of Pennsylvania.

Professionally, in the last 10 years, Qian has been introduced to a high variety of work from; strenuous design work by highly awarded firms all the way to the unforgiving technical standards of engineers. This has helped mold Qian into a designer that is highly articulate in both design and technical standards. His focus is on achieving great work with colleagues that truly treasure both design and technical skills.

He enjoys working on custom figures + aquariums at home and an avid Boston sports fan. Go Patriots!

Sang Ha

Sang has worked as a facade designer internationally for over seven years, including the United States, Germany, and South Korea. Sang’s experience extends from small residential projects focusing on full-scale detailing, to multi-tower complexes with difficult geometries. As a facade specialist she’s designed: unitized facades, metal framed stick-system facades, and panel cladding facades. Furthermore, she’s worked on specialty facades from a cable-net facade for the Museum of the Built Environment in Saudia Arabia: to a double curved facade featured on the Baku Residential Complex in Azerbaijan: to a unitized facade for the Hyatt Frankfurt competition in Germany: not to mention many others.

She holds a Master of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, and a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Kyungbook National University in South Korea.

Sang resides in New York City, pursuing in her spare time her passion for Asian cuisine, learning the German language, and traveling abroad.

Robert Adamski

Robert is an accountant and office manager with experience in financial reporting of large and small businesses. He comes from a background of public accounting in the real estate field, his choice to focus on this field grew out of previous experience as an urban planner in suburban Washington DC area. He has an MBA and a MS in Accounting from St. John’s University, NY and a BS in Urban Geography and Computer Science from University of Maryland.

A common thread throughout his career is the built environment and accounting. Now at LaufsED the focus is on business operations, financial reporting, modelling and projections. There he can utilize his knowledge of accounting and operations management as a tool to improve profitability.

In his free time, Robert is passionate about photography, music and the outdoors. With extensive time spent in the West and Intermountain West exploring deep in the backcountry, taking pictures, and listening to music while hiking in between.

Manavendra Mulye

Manavendra “Manu” Mulye was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Much like New York City, Mumbai is a fast-paced city with a booming real-estate market. Manu dreams of contributing towards the rising tall (and super-tall) building construction with a strong emphasis on sustainable design and green construction.

Manu completed his bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Mumbai and holds a master’s degree from Columbia University.

As a young engineer, Manu is constantly learning from new methodologies for structural design. His work mostly focuses on the design of rain-screen and curtain-wall systems, facade engineering, and renovations.

Manu is an avid fan of soccer and heavily supports Manchester United F.C. In his free time he loves to play harmonica and study coins.

Justin Fabrikant

With degrees in architecture and biology from Columbia University and Brown University respectively, Justin is fascinated by the ways simple things fit together to achieve complex systems. His specialties include 3D modeling for structural calculation and visualization, digital interoperability, and parametric rationalization.

Working at LED New York in the field of specialty structural engineering and architecture, Justin strives to find elegant, effective solutions that improve buildability, performance and quality for clients, contractors, architects, and engineers alike.

Justin grew up in Santa Cruz, California and has spent the last several years residing in New York, which he enjoys although admits that he misses the ocean and the weather.

Eva Ferox

After receiving her degree as an occupational therapist from the University of Applied Sciences in Tyrol, Austria, Eva left her hometown Innsbruck for Berlin. There she worked in a variety of medical units including pediatrics, neurology, and forensics to name a few.

Several years later, Eva graduated as an actress from “Starter – Berliner Schauspielschule für Film und Fernsehen”. She soon won a contract with a well-known modeling and talent agency in Germany, working as an international model in the fashion, commercial, and lifestyle industry.

Today, Eva manages LED’s office in Berlin and the day-to-day activities. She lives between Berlin and New York and is pursuing a postgraduate course in social media studies and journalism at the FJS-Berlin. She intends to pursue a career in a creative context afterwards.

Alexey Nefedov

Passionate about non-trivial design and high-end engineering, Alexey strives to blend architecture and structural engineering with the latest advancements in software to streamline the design process and achieve outstanding results on a daily basis.

Born in the major Russian industrial city of Chelyabinsk, Alexey made the most of a strong engineering school and developed a different effective mindset. Alexey holds a degree in civil and industrial engineering from South Ural State University. He has extensive professional experience with world renowned engineering companies, working on a plethora of complex international projects.

Currently he resides in New York, spending his time listening to music, following new technologies, and exploring the world.