Max Waters

Max is originally from New Zealand and is an International Professional Engineer (IntPE(NZ)) in both the fields of mechanical engineering and lightweight structural engineering. He has years of industry experience designing secondary structural building elements to code, whilst working with designers and architects to ensure their aesthetic vision is achieved. Passionate about 3D FEM modelling, he is always looking for new technology driven solutions.

Relatively new to Berlin, Max enjoys exploring the vast cultures of the European Continent in his spare time and seeing how the other side of the world operates.

Eduardo Lopez de Silanes

I come from Zaragoza, Spain, where I studied Architecture. My training continued in Istanbul, Sydney and finished in Madrid, where I completed my Masters in ETSAM.

The power of utopian thinking motivates me, and my interests focus on how far architecture can reach when it is thoroughly engineered. I believe in technology as a key to achieving bigger goals.

I have carried projects in Spain, Senegal, Turkey and Germany that range from design of residential buildings, architecture competitions, construction management and international cooperation.

Some good friends brought me to Berlin a few years ago, the city did the rest. Music, biking and crafting fill my spare time.

Paweł Baran

Paweł comes originally from Ropczyce in Poland. He studied at the Cracow University of Technology upon where he received his master’s degree in Structural Engineering and also won second prize for best Master’s Thesis, with the focus being on modular solutions. Paweł is a young motivated engineer with a lot of enthusiasm for his work, even outside of the office or on-site. He has worked on many projects in Poland, Germany, and in the US. As both a façade designer and structural engineer, he aims to always meet the aesthetic requirements of the client, without sacrificing the structural integrity. Passionate about unique glass structures and specialty façade types.

He likes to travel vigorously and actively spend his free time with his family and friends. Learning languages is more of a hobby for him than a requirement.

Konrad Remiszewski

Konrad was born in Przeworsk, Poland, where he spent his childhood before immigrated to the United States with his family. They moved frequently throughout his adolescence, before finally settling on Long Island. His true passion has always been diverse creative processes and everything they entail. While studying at Pratt Institute, he was involved in multiple studios focusing on parametric designs and 3D printing developments.

Since working as a Junior Architect at STAT Architecture & Charles C. Perry Architects, he has worked on construction and design development of luxury townhouses, with projects in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and the Hampton’s area, as well as multi-family housing in 4 out of 5 Boroughs in New York City. Specializing in Shop/Fabrication drawings, 3D modeling/3D printing, and various architectural representations, Konrad has always had the desire to stay up-to-date with technological advances in the architecture industry and often draws from Herzog & de Meuron & Zaha Hadid as inspiration for his work.

In his leisure time, he enjoys city biking and DJing at various spots across Brooklyn. He has started his own lifestyle brand Kasper Krew, under which he designs streetwear apparel, 3D prints, and contemporary furniture all with an aesthetic uniformity grounded in futuristic urban design.

Eva Ferox

After receiving her degree as an occupational therapist from the University of Applied Sciences in Tyrol, Austria, Eva left her hometown Innsbruck for Berlin. There she worked in a variety of medical units including pediatrics, neurology, and forensics to name a few.

Several years later, Eva graduated as an actress from “Starter – Berliner Schauspielschule für Film und Fernsehen”. She soon won a contract with a well-known modeling and talent agency in Germany, working as an international model in the fashion, commercial, and lifestyle industry.

Today, Eva manages LED’s office in Berlin and the day-to-day activities. She lives between Berlin and New York and is pursuing a postgraduate course in social media studies and journalism at the FJS-Berlin. She intends to pursue a career in a creative context afterwards.

Senior Facade Design Engineer

An ideal candidate loves solving problems and has extensive experience in facades and waterproofing. They possess in-depth knowledge of products, assembly types, and structure.

Qualities and experience level:

  • Minimum 3-6 years’ work experience in facade engineering.
  • Professional Degree in either Architecture or Structural Engineering
  • Expansive knowledge of facades and waterproofing
  • Excellent skills in CAD, Rhino, Revit, and/or Solidworks (a plus)
  • Excellent communication skills, time management, organization, problem solving, work independently.
  • Able to understand the balance of priorities on differing projects
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to manage 2-4 people
  • Ability to identify and solve problems using available resources
  • Ability to work independently

Junior Structural Engineer and Facade Engineer

An ideal candidate loves solving problems and has experience in facades and architecture. They have an interest in structures, construction, and materials.

Qualities and experience level:

  • 1-2 years work experience in Civil Engineer or related field.
  • Professional Degree (bachelors degree minimum) in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of facades and construction.
  • Excellent skills in CAD, Rhino, Revit, and/or Solidworks (a plus).
  • Extensive knowledge of RFEM, MathCAD, Mepla, LBNL suite.
  • Excellent communication skills, time management, organization, problem solving, ability to work independently.

Day to day activities would include:

  • Meeting and collaborating with a variety of clients on a day to day basis, occasionally meeting on site to assess work and recommend solutions.
  • Develop CAD details and drawings for structures and facades.
  • Produce engineering and calculation reports through phases of the design process.
  • Under the supervision of one of our PE (or German equiv.), you would build FE models and perform calculations for a variety of building materials and structures.

We look forward to reviewing your application.