Maxima Minima World Expo

The concept for the Maxima Minima sculpture was a warped faberge egg, playfully painted white and pink, to be an exhibited attraction and permanent landmark for the expo. Structurally, it is a 3-ply aluminum sandwich construct (6 mm thick assembled), which is mechanically bonded together to form a complex three-dimensional surface. At its apex, the sculpture prominently stands 43’ tall upon a base-mount. Our senior engineers verified the structural adequacy of the aluminum surface build-up and the entire riveting strategy, ensuring they satisfied all of Kazakhstan’s local codes. Grasshopper was used in processing the fabrication model into our structural software to directly output stress patterns, which we used in a feedback loop with the designer to add pleating at problematic zones on the surface. The resulting form required no columns or additional supports to stand.
Astana, Kazakhstan
Astana Expo
Structural Design